2020 Membership

2020 Officers

2020 Application for Membership

2020 Application for Membership


President-Darla Williams

Vice President-Allen Jeffcoat

2nd VP/Webmaster-Phyllis Hughes

Secretary -Dick Temple  

Treasurer-Anne Laymon

Standing Committees

Awards-Susan Hayes  Hatcher

Historian-Lois Butler

Lanyards-Marie Peacock

Membership-Joyce Farrell,

Ann Hamilton

Off. Depot Rewards-Susan Perhala

PHQ - Bonnie Kishpaugh

Programs-Christine Davis, Mary Mann, Cheri Passey

Tech. Support-Bob Dahlin, Danny Sullivan

Web Assistant-Judy Phillips


2020 Application for Membership

2020 Application for Membership

2020 Application for Membership


Any person interested in genealogy may become a member of the Grand Strand Genealogy Club by:

  • Submitting an application
  • Attending a minimum of one (1) meeting per calendar year
  • Updating the application on an annual basis

There is no membership fee

Download Application (see below)

History of the Grand Strand Genealogy Club

History of the Grand Strand Genealogy Club

History of the Grand Strand Genealogy Club



History of the Grand Strand Genealogy Club 

Gail Reynolds GSGC Founding Member

In 2002 Lee Brown was employed at Chapin Library and had expressed a strong interest in genealogy. She often taught genealogy classes for OLLI and Horry County Library.  She coordinated class trips to the Archives in Columbia and the South Carolina Historical Society in Charleston. Late in 2002, Lee approached me about the possibility of forming a club to meet the needs of those who wanted to research family history without taking a course. As a result, Grand Strand Genealogy Club (GSGC) was founded in October 2002 with 21 charter members. Designed as a club, there were no dues, only contributions through the Genie Jar and no meetings scheduled in July, August & December. To help club research, I mapped the holdings of the SC Room while Lee taught the use of HeritageQuest. I started to teach workshops on genealogy websites then on a variety of genealogy topics for OLLI 2 (and continue to do so). Lee and I also worked to promote the club in a variety of ways: 

• August 2003 – Lee and I were interviewed on TV by Diane DeVaughn Stokes 

• October 2004 - GSGC hosted a Children’s Family Day for Family History month 

• November 2004 - Club began scheduling volunteers in the SC Room to assist researchers • Posted meeting announcements in local newspapers 

When Lee and I started the club in 2002, we could not have imagined all the changes that have occurred and are grateful for all the hard work from all the past officers to bring us to where we are today. ♦

Download 2020 Membership and our Bylaws

To view the application online, you will need a PDF Reader/Viewer.  Access Tracker Software here or Free PDF-X Change View (Adobe)

GSGC Bylaws March 2019 (pdf)


2020 GSGC Application (pdf)


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