2019 Membership

2019 Officers


President-Darla Williams

Vice President-Allen Jeffcoat

2nd VP/Webmaster-Phyllis Hughes

Secretary -Dick Temple  

Treasurer-Anne Laymon

Standing Committees

Awards-Susan Hayes  Hatcher

Historian-Lois Butler

Lanyards-Marie Peacock

Membership-Joyce Farrell,

Ann Hamilton

Off. Depot Rewards-Susan Perhala

PHQ - Bonnie Kishpaugh

Programs-Christine Davis, Mary Mann, Cheri Passey

Tech. Support-Bob Dahlin, Danny Sullivan

Web Assistant-Judy Phillips


2019 Application for Membership


Any person interested in genealogy may become a member of the Grand Strand Genealogy Club by:

  • Submitting an application
  • Attending a minimum of one (1) meeting per calendar year
  • Updating the application on an annual basis

There is no membership fee

Download Application (see below)

Download 2019 Membership and our Bylaws

To view the application online, you will need a PDF Reader/Viewer.  Access Tracker Software here or Free PDF-X Change View (Adobe)

Questions About Membership?

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